Khasadrapchu Middle Secondary School, named after the area of its location, is situated below the Thimphu-Phuntsholing national highway, which is 18 kms away from Thimphu City. It is under Mewang Gewog, Thimphu Dzongkhag.
Established in 1960, the school was one of the very few early schools in the country, therefore it has great historical value. Owing to the low student enrolment (with five teachers and only four students) the school was closed in 1969. It was then used as tuberculosis treatment center under Gidakom Hospital. The school reopened in 1981.
In 1998, the school was upgraded to Lower Secondary School and then to Middle Secondary School in 2002. Currently, the school has 42 teachers and 892(M-451, F-441) students (refer Annexure-1 for general school statistics).
The school is spread over 11.301 acres and has adequate basic infrastructure developed with World Bank financing. It has one of the best school premises in Thimphu Dzongkhag and is a popular venue for seminars and training workshops.
The school is also a member of the i-School Project. The project is a joint undertaking of RGoB, Bhutan Telecom and Ericsson Company, India. The aim of the project is to enhance learning through interaction among the participating schools.


One of the major issues confronting the education system for many years is the public opinion that the quality of education is poor and deteriorating in the country. Many educational reforms and initiatives have been introduced to address this national concern. The latest in the series is the new Education Policy granting autonomy to select government schools on pilot basis.
Khasadarpchu Middle Secondary School (KMSS) is one of the 19 schools in the country selected to operate under the new school autonomy policy. Coinciding with His Majesty the King's 34th Birthday celebration on 21st Feb, 2014, principal of the selected schools signed the Delivery and Performance Agreement for five years with the Education Secretary in a simple function at Motithang Higher Secondary School, graced by the Hon'ble Prime Minister and Minister of Education.